The True Empowerment – The Shivani's Story

Posted on September 20th, 2019 04:07 PM
The True Empowerment – The Shivani's Story

Shivani worked at Nomad's Dehradun unit for a year and a half as a craftsperson.

She took up working because of her artsy spirit and an urge to create the best world for her 7 year old son.

The freedom to spend her own money, the newfound respect in her household and the joy of self sustainability inspired her to evolve further.

Two months back she was with me to conduct a toy making workshop at Wynberg Allen boarding school in Mussorie.

Recently with our studio being shifted to Delhi on a permanent basis, she was disheartened with a worry concerning her career.

Dehradun is not a place where skilled craftsmenship is in demand. It is rather an education hub and a tourist spot.

I remember telling her the day I left Dehradun “Tum schools mai apply Karo! Tumhare paas itna talent hai ki tum auro ko bhi sikha sakti ho”, She blushed. “Nahi Didi!, school mai kese karungi Mai”!

I was overwhelmed with her innocence.

She kept in touch over call and I was in sync with her dilemmas.

Seeing her amazing learning caliber and an appetite for teaching herself new and newer things, I made a point of pushing her to apply for art & craft positions in various schools. “Tum mere kehne pe kardo. Ek baar apply kardo bas”, I said to her one day.

Being quiet apprehensive at first but when motivated,she finally applied with a few schools.

Seeing her portfolio with experience in making creative products out of fabric scraps and other projects with Nomad, she was granted the position at one of them. And today she is an art and craft teacher at a primary school.

Her joy knew no bounds that day as she broke the news with me- “Mam, mujhe teacher ki job mil gayi.. Kabhi socha hi nahi tha ki mai bhi teacher ban sakti hoon”! My heart swelled with happiness after that call. 

That moment was filled with a soft emotion which makes the heart warm and strengthens the belief that the world is a beautiful place to be.