I journey: Looking out of the window

Posted on May 6th, 2018 12:15 PM
I journey: Looking out of the window

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Croquet it. Sew it. Saute it. MAKE it.
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DIY (Do it Yourself) is the one of the most special forms of expression. It is somewhere delicate in its approach, a little more heartfelt than your usual activity. Creativity is one aspect of it and so is juggad.
Born in India, we are gifted with this super natural life hacking power. Exploring simpler workarounds with solutions that question the rules.
These out of box ideas sometimes are a perfect base for creating the new.
And of course,there is euphoria in making with hands specially when the ingredients are scarce.
Pushing the limit through frugal engineering.

I take what I have

I make what I can

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So here I present to you – DIY curtains under 300 INR
Seriously! its possible and I made mine in less than 20 mins.

To make a wonder struck easy breezy summer sheer curtain, you’ll need:
Muslin Fabric
Muslin is a cotton fabric of plain weave. Its available in wide range of weights from sheer to coarse sheeting. I suggest you go for a medium sheer. Its quiet easily available at local cloth stores.
Price range 25-40 rs per meter.

Sharp scissors
Inch Tape
Measure the length from your rod to an inch above the floor. Now mark the muslin at two times the length. Make a small cut at where you marked and tear it apart.
Fabrics generically cut better and accurate if you slit them through.

Now hang the fabric over the rod at equal lengths.

Don’t worry about the shredded hem. Slight rushing adds charm to the drape while leaving room for experimentation in future.
If you are a “perfectionist” kind, then take it to a local tailor and get the edges sewn. This will definitely make the curtain last longer and the stitch will also add weight to the curtain.
What you’ll also need:
A window/door that needs a new vibe. Who knows, it might welcome wishes fulfilled with love and throw out long dormant energies.
A day off with mind at rest, hands itching to make and heart full of gusto.
Tadda!!! Your curtain is ready, I mean the base is made and what you make out of it is totally upto you.
For a simple and clean fall, tie one flap with a dori/ribbon whatever is available at hand. For a dreamier feel, I slit the curtain further into 6 sections each one at different lengths. This gave depth to the fabric and sure enough “wind danced with its jazz on”.
You may also try creating different patterns, I tried a bird and it came out ok except that we could not do justice to the play of light that happened in the gaps.
Sundays on summer days are meant for afternoon naps and evening chai. I hope you are enjoying yours. I would be bringing in more fresh DIY ideas all summer vacation. If you are in for some travels, have a happy one and others can journey just by looking out of the window.