Hands Heal

Posted on September 4th, 2017 06:20 AM
Hands Heal

The post I shared on a dim, cool morning of September 1st urged me to go back and look into my actions.

Hands are a Vital Communication tool, arguably more than Voice, says Tim Booth who has been photographing hands and telling stories through them in his series “The show of Hands”.

The gestures our body gives, the signals we retain and interpret from the minutest of our conversations.
Are these mere words we synthesise and conclude?
Certainly Not!

In the fast paced world today where each one of us is short of patience. Untimely drawn conclusions are inevitable. But what is possible is, “pausing and re-living our moments with its full movement.
There is a great deal of power in the set of fingers that join together to make a fist.. the only difference is in its formation.

Hands are a doorway to the outside world as much or more than the vocal cords. They say the body is often the first or the last to respond to an emotion. Hence, a gentle nod, Namaste or hug being the first opening greeting and turning our back or physical abuse being the last resort to the frustrated unanswered emotion.

Heal hands!!
Ms Nothing Plaits illustrations are hand drawn filled with oil pastel.
Created from the emotional centre of heart.