Bhaiya ji, Smile please!!

Posted on August 20th, 2016 05:55 PM
Bhaiya ji, Smile please!!

Life is as beautifully simple as it is terribly complicated. How one looks at it, makes all the difference. And if its flavored with humor and humility then all is well.

The usual 20 minute drive from my workshop to home was timed at 1 hour 15 minutes today. As I stopped from one photo frame to another, requesting a picture with my slate and Nomad token as a gift, I was humbled bit by bit.
I have been living in Delhi for a decade now and bhaiya’s & bhaiyaji’s  invariably are a big part of my daily life. While taking on roles ranging from a shop wala bhaiya to a mechanic bhaiya to a rickshaw wala bhaiya ji to an undefined Bhaiya, they befit the scenery perfectly well with all their imperfections.

Devnag is a mechanic at petrol pump, What an effortless dresser he is!

Shambhu, is a barber.  A king of the blue chair.  His mirror fascinated me for it must be telling him new stories every time. 

Saleem, stitches ladies garments out of his tiny garage shop.

Rajkumar is a presswala bhaiya aka the Iron Man, sports two hearts one outside and one inside , quite literally!!

Rajesh is a security guard at the gate. Quiet self obsessed & confident. 

Sardar ji is a key maker and part time taxi driver. Catnapping is his favorite.

Kumar is a fruitseller. His smile tells a thousand tales.

Chotu works as a delivery boy at a Kirana shop. He is a shy kind.

Jaiswal ji is a master chef at making Chole Bhature. Don't miss the playfulness in his eyes.
When we approach somebody with  genuine trust , they seldom betray because after all, energies read and respond. 
Thankfully moments like these are enough to begin with.
Amidst all the chaos, Hope still prevail. Hope to stand by each other. Hope to inspire and be inspired.